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fic: "A Study In Strangled" by Tielan - NC-17 [John/Teyla]

TITLE: A Study In Strangled
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: She spends all day winding him up, bit by bit.
RATING: NC-17 for great justice explicit sex
PAIRING: John/Teyla
CATEGORY: Character study through sex? It's too long to be a PWP.
DISCLAIMER: No John Sheppards were hurt harmed in the writing of this fic. And SGA and it's characters etc. don't belong to me blah blah blah.
NOTES: Written off a prompt from the sga_kinkmeme but will be used for the [community profile] kink_bingo challenge.

John's back arched as her mouth swallowed him whole, fingers on his collar dragging him down hard enough to click their teeth together. Her hips rocked a sensuous rhythm against him, winding him up.
Lost in Translation

Fic "Breaking the Stone" by Kristen999

Title: “Breaking the Stone” (1/1)
Author: Kristen999
Rating: R
Genre: Futurefic, Angst
Character/Pairing: John/Teyla, Some Team.
Words: 2500
Summary: In these moments, time spins away and all of Teyla's carefully bottled-up thoughts escape out tiny cracks.

Notes: Just playing in another part of the sandbox. Hope people will give it a shot. Happy birthday tielan

Big thank you to wildcat88 for the quick beta and to sgafan for her suggestions.

“Breaking the Stone”
John in Blue

Fic: End of the Search

Category: Fic

Title: End of the Search

Characters: John Sheppard, Torren J. Emmagen

Pairing: one-sided John/Teyla

Summary: a short fic of John’s musing

Author: sakurablue13

Beta: the magnificent [info]tielan

Word Count:

Disclaimer: just borrowing them to have some fun

A/N: I intended to participate in two different challenges; sg_rarepairings' 2009 Ficathon prompt #437 featuring John & Torren with a picture of a floating paper boat and sga_beya's February Challenge Different Kinds of Love ‘Search of Love’ prompt. But, as usual, my timing sucks. My editor from the publishing gave tight deadlines on my translating and I got an extra class to handle. So I decided to put up the two prompts into one fic and here it is. Critics and comments are so very welcomed. Cheers! ^^

(End of the Search)