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JT - Favorite Scene Battle: Round 1 [Jan. 25th, 2008|10:18 pm]
John Sheppard & Teyla Emmagan


[Current Mood |accomplished]

Last time, TLG blew away two charming scenes -- but what are you going to do about it, eh, punk?

Poll #1127566 Battle 3

Battle 3: Which JT scene is your favorite?

The Return Part 1 - The goodbye
Rising - Do I?
Sunday - In the infirmary

The Return Part 1 - The goodbye

TEYLA: Farewell.

SHEPPARD: Take care.

Rising - Do I?

TEYLA: Your leader looks through me as if I were not there.



Sunday - In the infirmary

SHEPPARD: Where do you think you’re going?

TEYLA: I would like to go to the memorial.

SHEPPARD: I don’t think you should be going anywhere.

TEYLA: I am fine.

SHEPPARD: Alright. I’ll get a wheelchair.

TEYLA: No. I would like to stand. As a testament to him. How are you doing?

SHEPPARD: Me? I’m fine ... but I didn’t get major surgery two days ago.

TEYLA: That is not what I meant.

SHEPPARD: Well, it hasn’t hit me yet. I’m not looking forward to it when it does.

TEYLA: I feel a great sadness. He ... I feel a great sadness.

SHEPPARD: Here. I got you.


From: sjhw_tolerance
2008-01-26 12:00 pm (UTC)
Why are we doing this again? I keep voting for scenes that don't win...I wonder what that means?
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[User Picture]From: allisnow
2008-01-26 08:22 pm (UTC)
We're doing this to narrow down THE most popular JT scene.

I keep voting for scenes that don't win...I wonder what that means?

That you're contrary?
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From: sjhw_tolerance
2008-01-26 08:47 pm (UTC)
It means that some other scene is going to win as 'best' John and Teyla. ;-)
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